Ethics and Good Governance


The FIE Ethics Code is based on the IOC Code of Ethics and aims to preserve the ethical values and principles that inspire the Olympic Charter and which must inspire, in any case, the performance of the members of the International Community of Fencing understood in the broadest manner (hereinafter, also referred to as or "FIE Family ").

The FIE Ethics Code (“Code”) defines the principles of conduct that should regulate sports and administrative activities of the entity and the FIE Family. The Code aims to promote and safeguard the ideals of dignity, integrity, cooperation, sportsmanship and fair competition, which should characterize the performance of all components of the FIE Family.

The FIE Community includes: directors, officers and members of the FIE, the Member Federations and Confederations recognized by the FIE and their managers, the members of the Organizing Committees of official competitions and the representatives of the candidate cities for the organization of official competitions as well as fencers, coaches, referees, other members of national delegations participating in any competition or event developed under the umbrella of the FIE, and as applicable, employees, partners and service providers directly or indirectly linked to the FIE.



1.1 The integrity of sport depends on the outcome of sporting events and competitions being based entirely on the competing merits of the participants involved. Any form of corruption that might undermine public confidence in the integrity of a sporting contest is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport and must be eradicated.

1.2 The International Fencing Federation (“FIE”) has adopted these rules ("Rules") as a means of safeguarding the integrity of the sport of fencing by (i) prohibiting any conduct that may impact improperly on the outcome of its events and competitions FIE Statutes, December 2015 FIE 52 and (ii) establishing a mechanism of enforcement and sanction for those who, through their corrupt conduct, place the integrity of fencing at risk.

1.3 The FIE is committed to taking all practical and reasonably possible steps within its power to prevent corrupt practices that would undermine the integrity of the sport of fencing.


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