Fair Play educational program 2018


Over the first 9 days of April, the Fair Play Council had a stand near the "Clean Sport", "Safe Sport" and "Donate your fencing gear” stands.

The stands were located in the main hall and were easily accessible for the participants and the public.

A total of 438 athletes from 57 countries visited the stand. As 105 countries were taking part, clearly more effort needs to be made with promotional work.

We noticed that the cadets were more interested than the juniors.

A much higher number of athletes benefited from the opportunity to have their photo taken next to the banner for the first winner of the Fair Play Trophy, Jiri Beran.

A letter jointly signed by the President of the Coaches Council and the Fair Play Council has been finalized, asking all the officials to provide a good example of the correct behavior to adopt when it comes to accepting referees’ decisions.

Forms were distributed to the referees, to fill out should they notice an exceptional act of fair play, worthy of mention.

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