Safe Sport 2019


The following action was taken in application of the FIE safeguarding policy:

  • Training
  • Educational program
  • Awareness-raising by Officials
  • 1-2 February 2019, Lausanne
  • 30 June 2019, Bucharest
  • Cadet and Junior World Championships: Georgina Usher (GBR); Sam Cheris (USA, MH);
  • Senior World Championships: Edina Czegledy (HUN), Antonio Fiore (ITA).

Training for Safeguarding Officers for the World Championships, and certain members of staff

Trainers: IOC; LimeCulture


Sam Cheris (USA, MH); President of the Legal Commission

Antonio Fiore (ITA), President of the Medical Commission

Georgina Usher (GBR); Women and Fencing Council

Clare Halsted (GBR), Medical Commission

Peter Jacobs (GBR), Legal Commission

Edina Czegledy (HUN), Legal Commission

Training for the Commission members about the role of Safeguarding Officers at official FIE competitions

During the Cadet and Junior World Championships (Torun – POL) and the Senior World Championships (Budapest – HUN), an educational stand was set up, from the first to last competition day. The stand was run by the following Safeguarding Officers appointed for the World Championships:

The stand had a Wi-Fi connection and several tablets to display the relevant IOC-approved educational resources.

The stand was located close to the other FIE educational stands (Clean Sport, Fair Play and the “Donate your fencing gear” collection point. It was open for athletes as well as coaches, national officials and volunteers.

At the end of the video, a flash drive with a document listing useful links supplied by the IOC Safeguarding Officer was given to participants, so that they could easily retrieve the information if necessary.

No one requested neither immediate medical assistance nor legal advice.

Following established procedures, Safeguarding Officers held meetings with the officials, referees and volunteers to draw their attention to the FIE’s policy and safeguarding procedures.

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