Fair Play educational program 2019


The activities took place at the Cadet and Junior World Championships 2019 in Torun, Poland.

Together with the stands of Clean Sport, Safe Sport and Donate your Fencing gear, the Fair-Play stand was placed on the landing at the top of the escalators to the second floor of the Sports Arena.

The clear advantage was that we had more inter-action with the athletes and somewhat less with the public, which mainly stayed on the ground floor.

Almost all the work was now done by Daniel Koszegi from the CIFP.

Fair Play counted around 60 athletes a day that took part in our games and discussions about Fairness in Sport and the role they could play in it. The inter-action with the athletes was in general good and meaningful. Sometimes, there were significant language barriers but the games were made to prevent participants being hindered by them. With 4 full days, approx. 240 athletes came to the stand, although there were some that came more than once.

Given a start that is the second day of the Championship, 4 days is enough, since it reaches all fencers, because those that compete in the last events have arrived by day 4.

A bracelet with a USB key integrated including the information on the different program has been distributed to all the participants.

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