Safe Sport 2018


An educational stand was set up in Wuxi from 19th to 26th July.

The stand was equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop to display the educational resources approved by the IOC on the subject.

This action was welcomed by the IOC Safeguarding Officers and planned in accordance with their recommendations.

Tools Used

Three tools were available:

  • The IOC page entitled "Harassment and Abuse in Sport”


This page allows access to 9 interactive video clips telling fictional stories. They aim to provide a clear definition of the various cases of harassment and to help with recognizing them.

  • Training to "Protect athletes against the Harassment and Abuse in Sport"
  • Integrity and Conformity Hotline:

E-learning portal for the athletes:


This training lasts for 45 minutes, divided into 4 modules.



The stand was located near the "Donate your fencing gear" collection point and the commercial aisle for all the suppliers, so that the athletes could find it easily.

The stand was open not only to athletes but also to coaches, national officials and volunteers.

People were invited to give 10 minutes of their time to watch the IOC-approved video. They watched it alone or in small groups.

At the end of the video, a USB code with a one-page document listing useful links provided by the IOC Safeguarding Officer was given to participants, so that they could easily retrieve the information if necessary.

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