Fair Play educational program 2017


The activity was organized and co-financed by the FIE and the International Committee for Fair Play (CIFP).

The CIFP supplied the documentation and sent one of its representatives. The President of the Fair Play Council, M. Bert van de Flier, was also present, as well as two other members of the Council, Eyyad Maghayreh and Osmanjan Kasymov. The outstanding assistance provided by the ComEx representative, Velichka Hristeva, who intervened when required, was extremely beneficial.

The activity consisted of a stand proposing games, quizzes and educational videos, during the first 4 days of the Championships.

According to the data logger, 389 participants were welcomed to the stand over these 4 days. As some athletes (mainly cadets) came back several times, we estimate that approximately 310 different people came to the Fair Play stand.

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