NFA Fencing Team Is very happy to celebrate World Fencing Day in USA

New Jersey, USA

Welcome to the National Fencing Alliance - NFA

‘’National Fencing Alliance-NFA is an official New Jersey fencing club member of the United States Fencing Association (USFA) and the New Jersey Fencing Division (NJ USFA). NFA professional coaching staff under Maestro Trudnos-NFA Founder, President and Fencing Head Coach, train and teach kids, youth and adult students the art of fencing, prepare them for competition at the local, High School NJ State Championship, Junior Olympics, North American Cups, USA Summer National Championships as well as Fencing World Cups. NFA professional coaches, teach high morals and ethics, show the young students proper goals for their future life’’.

On Saturday, September 09, 2017 The National Fencing Alliance (NFA) celebrated World Fencing Day at Little Falls Recreation Center, New Jersey 07424, USA.

NFA Young fencers age 7 to 18 years had 1-hour open group fencing session and later competed as individual and team completion in foil and saber.

Pictures of NFA coaches & fencers under Maestro Mark Trudnos, NFA Fencing Head Coach.

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