Fencing is for Life: World Fencing Day 2022


LAUSANNE, Switz., Sept. 13, 2022—The sixth-annual World Fencing Day, which took place on Saturday, September 10, has given fencers and everyone in the global fencing family the opportunity to celebrate this year’s theme, “Fencing is for Life”. By reaching out to people and communities worldwide, members of fencing have communicated its timeless and enduring qualities—a sport that fills the heart, mind and soul with a positive and powerful energy that becomes forever motivational and illuminating.

Every member of the Fencing Family has the opportunity on World Fencing Day, to convey how being involved in fencing becomes a natural and essential part of one’s personal identity, giving strength and shaping each person’s life and future.

With global support for World Fencing Day, more than 4,500 media tags across multiple social media platforms expressed a diversity of fencing perspectives, activities and postings from 65 countries and reaching more than 130,000 accounts, using their favourite platform with the following tags:

#FencingisforLife #worldfencingday2022

The “Fencing is for Life” theme resonated around the world as a message of inspiration and life experience, a perennial sport that has endured the ages and will continue to do so.

About World Fencing Day. The World Fencing Day takes place annually on Saturday of the second weekend in September. Athletes National fencing federations, clubs, coaches, referees , volunteers, manufacturers and fansfrom every corner of the planet engage in a variety of activities and celebrations.

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