World Fencing Day 2021: We Are Fencing

11th September 2021

World Fencing Day 2021, taking place on Saturday, September 11, celebrates all those in fencing who make up the essence of the sport. The global “Nation of Fencing” embraces everyone, no matter what a person’s role may be—volunteer, fan, athlete, parent, nominated or elected official, administrator, official, coach or referee—each is important.

Every individual or group who gives to fencing is appreciated and valued, and is an ambassador for the sport, representing and conveying a positive message about fencing to the world.

Each “citizen” of the Nation of Fencing can claim our sport as part of their personal identity, as a “nationality” and as a banner.

“We are Fencing” reflects how inclusive and global our sport is, without barriers or borders, and the last year has been a testament to the tremendous unification and friendship of world fencing.

World Fencing Day 2021 also represents a new era of Olympic fencing, with a full complement of 12 gold-medal events for the first time in history. The newest Olympic champions will have the opportunity to share their experiences with newcomers and celebrate the Nation of Fencing’s global reach as a fun, spirited and compelling sport for all people.

The call-to-action to be active on fencing day will be the following:

No matter where you live, whatever weapon you favor, whoever you are, you are part of fencing.

What is your role? Post a video or photo showing your role and tag #WEAREFENCING @fencing_fie

FIE shares the dedicated World Fencing Day 2021 branding: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s76vvkdsm0wtub9/AABBFln...

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