World Fencing Day 2022

10th September 2022

World Fencing Day 2022, celebrated this year on Saturday, September 10, gives fencers and everyone in the global fencing family an opportunity to reach people and communities with the message “Fencing is for Life”.

With timeless and enduring qualities, fencing fills the heart, mind and soul with a positive and powerful energy people discover to be forever motivational and illuminating.

Fencing becomes a natural and essential part of your personal identity, which gives you strength and shapes your life and future.

Each person, whatever his/her age or role, makes a difference in others’ lives by introducing them to fencing and sharing this perennial sport with the community and the world, in any way it can be experienced.

Fencing is a sport for all ages, from youth to veteran, and World Fencing Day engages volunteers, fans, athletes, parents, officials, coaches and referees to send an inspiring message to the world.

How will you celebrate “Fencing is for Life” as it applies to your life? Please participate in World Fencing Day this year and send your videos, photos or stories, and the FIE will post them on social media. Get creative! Along with your fellow fencers and coaches, share fencing with your family, friends and others in your community, inviting them to be part of the fencing family in any way they would like to be involved—for life!

FIE shares the dedicated World Fencing Day 2022 banners, click here to view them.

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