Fencing match on the SkyWalk platform in celebration of the inaugural World Fencing Day

New Zealand #fencingday

In the morning of September 9th, the world’s highest fencing match outside a Tower was held in Auckland, New Zealand. The event will be submitted for a Guinness World Record. The SkyWalk platform is 192 metres high and 1.2metres wide, just slightly smaller than a fencing piste which is 1.5 metres wide. The two fencers had an incredible time out there!

Video and stills of fencing match on SkyWalk: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dkibemh15tqcqg4/AAA8KCr1iVZ5JTZrQIOglrD_a?dl=0

For the fencing match two top New Zealand Fencers took part, a male and female. Chantelle May, age 13, currently holds New Zealand under 17 and under 23 national titles, is ranked number one open New Zealand Women’s Foilist, and number 1 in Australian U15s foilist. Daniel Garelja is 22 and is currently seeded number 1 male fencer in New Zealand. Both have fenced in multiple countries overseas and have Commonwealth and Olympic aspirations.

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