Honduras Fencing Federation celebrates World Fencing Day


On the occasion of the DIA INTERNACIONAL DE SOLIDARIDA DE ESGRIMISTA (World Fencing Day SOLIDARITY), the Fencing Federation of Honduras has organized a full week of celebrations with a great fanfare for the DIA INTERNACIONAL DE SOLIDARIDAD DE ESGRIMA , aimed at extending the scope of Fencing at national level.<http://nacional.se> Next week it has scheduled the following presentations in schools and colleges<http://colegios.de> to spread the word about our sport.- Activities scheduled from 04 to 09/September/017

1.- Monday 04/09/017, Venue: Instituto Santa Terecita/Tegucigalpa, Time: 10.00 am- 12.00 pm

2.- Tuesday 05/09/017, Venue: instituto Sagrado Corazón/ El Paraíso, Time: 02.00 pm- 05.00 pm 3.- Wednesday 6/09/017, Venue: Recreational park/Colonia el Hogar/Tegucigalpa: Time: 05.00 pm-8.00 pm

4.- Thursday 07/09/017, Venue: Parque Central (Central Park) /Choluteca/ Time: 6.00 pm- 9.00 pm

5.- Friday 8/09/017, Venue: Tegucigalpa/Instituto Nuevos Horizontes: Time. 10.00 am - 12.00.pm

6.- Friday 08/09/17: Venue: San Pedro Sula/ Instituto San Tander/ Time: 10.00 am- 12.00 pm

7.- Saturday 9/09/017, Venue: Instituto Alejandro Alvarado/ El Paraíso/ Time: 8.00 am- 6.00 pm * The celebrations are to end with a National Ranking event, in which national clubs affiliated to the Federation will be taking part, in the following Categories: Children, Cadets, Youths, Adults, in all three weapons - Radio, newspapers and television will be covering this event...


President of Hondura Fencing Federation

Marco A. Izaguirre

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more programs