World Fencing Day

FIE President

Dear Friends,

I would like to congratulate the entire world fencing community for its support of World Fencing Day, which will take place on September 9, 2017. Whether you are an athlete, coach, fan, national federation, official, or anyone else experiencing fencing for the first time or a lifetime, on this special day we are all fencers and united by our universal them of solidarity.

Fencing is growing quickly around the globe, and every day new fencers step onto the piste for the first time. On World Fencing Day, we welcome new people to our community, and we reach out to those for whom we are a new, exciting sport in their lives. Our fencing ambassadors will lead the way with national federations on September 9 to present fencing, giving demonstrations, sharing experiences, and communicating our passion on a grand scale.

We thank you for your involvement in World Fencing Day, and we very much look forward to sharing the many stories and successes that are certain to follow. Let’s go!

Alisher Usmanov

FIE President

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