World Fencing Day 2021

Lebanese Fencing Federation

As a celebration of World Fencing Day, the Lebanese Fencing Federation placed national competitions that were scheduled at the beginning of September under the World Fencing Day celebrations.

It is worth mentioning that the following athletes won the relevant competitions:

Men’s Epee Cadet: Karl Bou Khalil

Women’s Sabre: Nai Salameh

Men’s Veteran Sabre: Mahmoud Ali Ahmad

Women’s foil Team: Club Mont La Salle

Women’s Epee under 11: Alexia Abou Khaled

Men’s foil under 13: Charbel Jalbouth

Women’s foil under 13: Alexia Abou Khaled

Women’s Epee under 13: Alexia Abou Khaled

Men’s foil under 15: Anthony Joe El Khoury

Women’s Epee Cadet: Chloe Dib

Women’s Foil: Rita Abou Jaoude

Men’s Epee: Antoine El Choueiry

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