Botswana Recognizes World Fencing Day

Botswana Fencing for our planet

GABORONE, Botswana, Sept. 7, 2019—The Botswana Amateur Fencing Society (BAFS), in partnership with Young Africa Botswana and Kalahari Research and Conservation, commemorated World Fencing Day on Saturday, September 7. A number of activities took place in keeping with the theme of “Fencing for our Planet” and the BAFS also joined their conservation partners along with the Department of Environmental Affairs and several other organizations to commemorate International Vulture Awareness Day*, which shares the same official annual date with World Fencing Day. The fencers marched through the city alongside numerous government and other officials, including representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, various embassies and other organizations. The city of Gaborone mayor and other dignitaries were on-hand to address the public at the event.

After the solidarity march, BAFS moved to the Lady Olebile Masire Youth Centre, part of the Young Africa Botswana facilities, where a mini fencing tournament and demonstrations for the community were held to give the public “the spirit of fencing in action”, according to an official BAFS release. “BAFS encourages athletes, coaches, fencing clubs and federations worldwide to demonstrate not only their love for the sport of fencing, but also to use their talents and dedication to sport for the betterment of their communities and our shared environment”, they added.

Botswana Fencing President Mandla Masuku walks with Botswana National Rugby Team - The Vultures - for International Vulture Awarness Day

Botswana Fencing and Young Africa Botswana together for World Fencing Day 2019

Botswana Fencing gathers cubs at Young Africa Botswana for World Fencing Day 2019

Botswana Fencing and Young Africa Botswana celebrate World Fencing Day 2019

Fencing salute by cubs on World Fencing Day 2019

*Information about International Vulture Awareness Day and the important role vultures play in the biodiversity of the environments they inhabit is available at www.vultureday.org.

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