World Fencing Day 2019: Fencing For Our Planet

Fencing Day 2019

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, 26 June 2019 – The International Fencing Federation (FIE) is pleased to announce its theme for World Fencing Day 2019 (Saturday, 7 September) as “Fencing For Our Planet”.

As part of its basic principles and mission, the FIE will encourage athletes, coaches, fencing clubs and federations worldwide to demonstrate not only their love of the sport of fencing, but also to use their talents and dedication to sport for the betterment of their communities and our shared environment.

Since the first edition in 2017 of the World Fencing Day, fencers, coaches, clubs and federations gather in public places en masse to demonstrate in a creative and innovative way the sport to the public. Today, the FIE asks the fencing community to demonstrate the core values and principles of the fencing tradition in aid of their communities. Demonstrating the importance of fitness and nutrition to youth groups in disadvantaged areas and to the elderly, joining volunteer groups to help clean beaches and environmentally endangered places, and providing help for the most vulnerable in our society, are some of the ways that fencers, fencing clubs and federations can use the vast energy network in fencing to the betterment of those around them.

In so doing, it is the hope of the FIE that fencers can show the world that fencing is not just a sport, but a positive state of mind that can benefit both the individual and the communities in which they live.

On World Fencing Day, the “Fencing for our Planet” theme is a call to action for the worldwide fencing family to show that fencing and fencers care for people and the world.

World Fencing Day takes place annually in September, on Saturday of the second weekend, where federations, fencers and coaches of all levels – from Olympic and World Championships fencers to local clubs – gather together to celebrate the sport of fencing in any community so that people can discover the sport, its history and values. Many of the FIE’s 153 member federations are involved with organizing activities to deliver fencing’s message: Fencing is a sport for body, mind and spirit with a tremendous legacy and history as well as a dedication to fair play, respect and sport for all.

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