FIE International Training Camp - Plovdiv 2017

​The traditional FIE International Training Camp was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, prior to the Cadet & Junior World Championships, from 24 March to 7 April 2017.

The traditional FIE International Training Camp was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, prior to the Cadet & Junior World Championships, from 24 March to 7 April 2017.

The countries invited to the camp from the different zones, were selected based on a combination of criteria, favoring the developing federations :

  • The number of junior fencers licensed at the begining of the season 2016-2017. All the countries with less that 20 junior fencers were considered.

Finally, the total of 39 fencers participated in the camp and trained hard all the day with high-level coaching staffs, Mr Gennady Tyshler who is the President of the FIE coaching council, Mr Petru Kuki who is engaged as a coach from the first training camp, Mrs Smiljka Rodic and Mr Marcus Rönnmark who took part in the FIE Coaching Academy in Budapest.

Among the fencers selected for the camp there were 4 medallists of the continental championships :

Karina Dyner Villa, Costa Rica, women’s epee – silver medal at the Cadet Panamerican Championships in La Havana

Arantza Inostroza, Chile, women’s foil – bronze medal at both Cadet and Junior Panamerican Championships in La Havana

Eduardo Garcia, Peru, men’s epee – bronze medalist at the Junior Panamerican Championships in La Havana

Ahmed Ferjani, Tunisia, men’s sabre, silver medalist at the Junior African Championships in Yamoussoukro

Other countries requested the permission to send additional fencers at their own costs, so that they could train together :

- Singapore

- Armenia

- Colombia

- Philippines

- Qatar

- United Arab Emirates

- Bulgaria

- Kirgyzstan (among others, Khassan Baudunov, silver medalist in men’s epee at the Cadet Asian Championships 2017)

The young fencers got not only good skills, techniques, and strategy, but friendships and a memorable experience through the training camp.

The fencers also participated in the Cadet & Junior World Championships. Plovdiv was the 1st participation to a World Championships of Samoa affiliated in 2013. 6 fencers were selected to take part in the Cadet Mixed Team Event, they were ranked in 15th place. The FIE team was composed by : Ferjani Ahmed (TUN), Ahadova Aysel (AZE), Mesfer Abdulkarim Isa Abdulla Saad (BRN), Esteban Maxine (PHI), Badunov Khassam (KGZ), Dyner Villa Karina (CRC)

At the end of the camp, a feedback form was distributed to all the fencers, with questions related to the sport level of the athletes and the facilities, the organisation and the assistance during the camp.

The form was anonymous in order to let the fencers feel free to report also constructive critics, and available in 3 languages :

- English

- Spanish

- French

All the fencers replied to the questionnaire, which in itself is an important indicator showing the interest of the athletes.

Apart from a few remarks about food, the fencers expressed their satisfation about the running of the camp and the experience they had in Plovdiv.

The positive impression was verbally confirmed also by the FIE Coaches, who were pleased with the quality of the organisation and with the quality of the athletes selected by the National Federations.

The next training camp for Junior and Cadet will take place in Verona (ITA).

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