FIE refereeing seminar prior to the Olympic Games 2016

FIE refereeing seminar

The FIE refereeing seminar was held between 12 and 13 June 2016 in Moscow, prior to the Rio Olympic Games (JO) 2016. All the foil and sabre referees appointed for this challenge were present as well as the relevant refereeing delegates, and the management representatives of the sports department.

The President of the refereeing commission, M. Claus Janka, described the challenges facing our sport at the Olympic Games and clarified the points in the regulations that were unclear in relation to these conventional weapons. M. Ilgar Mamedov, member of the refereeing commission and a foil specialist, had prepared a series of videos about the actions involved with the foil and sabre. He was in charge of the part devoted to the foil, using actions filmed during world championships and previous Olympic Games, in each case highlighting the important point to be taken into consideration.

M. Vadym Gouzait, refereeing representative specialising in the sabre, was responsible for the part devoted to this weapon. He asked questions about rulings relating to each action, and asked the referees to justify their decisions and their choices.

Mme Irina Knysch, the only female refereeing representative appointed for the Olympic Games, reminded the referees of the need to behave in an exemplary fashion during competitions and that colleagues needed to work closely together. M. Kim Chang Gon participated fully in the seminar, providing his point of view about uncertain actions. All the delegates worked together to provide a top-quality seminar for the referees who were present.

Exchanges between all the participants were numerous and fruitful throughout this seminar. Above all they were constructive. All this will allow us to obtain uniform decisions, which is the main objective.

All the participants proved to be fully satisfied with this meeting and they all hope that the Games in Rio will be extremely successful.

AO Jie

Deputy Sport Director

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