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Competition Place Date Category Weapon Gender Event Type
Championnats d'Afrique * Alger 19.02.19 C S F I NF

* Results of the competitions marked with asterisk were not validated yet.

RankNameNationalityBirth Date
2BENCHEKOR NailaALG12.04.04
3AHMED ToqaEGY03.06.03
3ELDOKSH RenadEGY06.01.06
5BENADOUDA ChaimaALG17.12.03
5MOJAAT MariemTUN08.05.02
7ELBAKRY JanaEGY18.02.04
8BEN AZIZI NadiaTUN09.07.02
9WONAME Kelsey Victoria AfriyieGHA02.03.04
10SALHI Nor Elhouda ZinebALG26.06.05
11DEMBELE AichataMLI08.07.04
12DOUMBIA MinataMLI19.02.02
13DIOP AwaSEN07.10.03
13CISSE AssifaMLI28.04.04