The first international seminar of basic refereeing FIE rules for national referees from the Pan American continent in Spanish has been completed successfully.

98 national referees of our continent attended the readings of one of the best referees of the FIE - Juan Carlos Ríos. The referees gained new knowledge and took part in discussions of the rules of modern refereeing of the FIE.

The participants watched and discussed video recordings of various difficult refereeing situations at FIE international competitions.

The seminar participants took part in the training with great enthusiasm and were completely satisfied with the lectures, virtual hands-on exercises, and video information provided by the master referee - Juan Carlos Rios.

Registrations are open to participate in the Second International Virtual Basic Seminar on the rules for judging FIE competitions in English, which will take place from September 10 to 13, 2020.

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