12 September

Theme: Fencing, a Passion, a Family

The celebration and recognition of World Fencing Day 2020 centers on our theme, “Fencing, a Passion, a Family”. Our sport empowers people across the globe to come together, working in unison to share a common passion for and commitment to fencing, striving to overcome today’s challenges and sharing hopes for the future. As a global family, through collaboration, solidarity and communication we are able to best achieve our goals and dreams for the betterment of our sport, our society and ourselves.

The spirit of World Fencing Days gathers our FIE fencing family in unity, empowering us to endure challenges while sharing our sport with newcomers and delivering a positive message and opportunities to all. We are fencers, and together we understand how to persevere and fight with honor and friendship, always positive and finding light in challenging times.

This year, World Fencing Day invites everyone in the global fencing community to participate in a creative and virtual celebration. By hosting digital fencing events, posting activities to the FIE YouTube and social media channels and in general letting the world know via the Web that fencing is both a family and a passion, this year’s event will be unique and inclusive to people everywhere.

World Fencing Day 2020 brings people worldwide together to love, learn and think about fencing. We can achieve our dreams by supporting, respecting and honoring everyone in our sport. Our actions define our history, and we are ready to face the future together.

To download and communicate the digital banners, click here.

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