Fencing Grows in Ghana Schools with Festival, Seminars

GHANA, Africa, January 31, 2020—Fencing is on the rise in Ghana. It is now part of overall physical education in schools, and several seminars and a festival have contributed to its expansion and growth in the country. As a result, interest and participation in fencing by both teachers and students is developing quickly.

Two years ago, the Ghana Education Service (GES), a government education authority part of the Public Service of Ghana, recognized fencing as an extra-curricular activity in basic, high school and college institutions. The GES also included fencing in its Schools and Colleges Sports Festival in the upper east region of the country, which ignited interest in the sport among educators who were compelled to learn more about it.

Several seminars were organized to help train sports masters who now include fencing in their PE courses at all levels of schooling; the first program attracted 50 coaches and a subsequent one drew 60. As such, interest in fencing is growing significantly and many schools are requesting support for equipment as well as additional technical and coaching courses to be taught at the National Fencing Academy. Other regions, such as the Brong Ahafo Regional Education Service, are asking for seminars and events to build interest in fencing in their regions, as well.

“I was gladly honoured and conducted seminars as part of a give-back to society from my knowledge received by the FIE”, said Mohammed Mahadi, vice president of the African Fencing Confederation and president of the Ghana Fencing Association. “This is part of my contribution in making fencing a popular sport in the country.”

Mr. Mahadi was assisted in teaching his seminars by Mr. Sas Hasaan, chairman of the Ashanti Region Fencing Association as well as two members of the Ghana junior national team, Bertha Gakpetor and Awulatu Amadu.

“Fencing is now automatically in over 110 schools in Ghana at the moment and we hope it will soon become the most popular sport in the country”, added Mr. Mahadi. “As vice president of the African Fencing Confederation, I will work to ensure fencing becomes part of the Africa High School Games.”

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