Italy’s Volpi, Team Russia Win Saint Maur Women’s Foil Fencing World Cup

SAINT MAUR, France, Dec. 13-15, 2019—Italy’s world champion Alice Volpi won the individual gold medal at the Saint Maur Women’s Foil World Cup, with Russia taking gold in women’s team foil. The event, which took place at the City’s Sport Centre Pierre Brossolette, featured 205 international women’s foilists and 23 teams.

Volpi fenced her teammate, Martina Batini, in the final round, taking the gold medal with a 15-10 score. Batini narrowly defeated Russia’s Olympic and three-time world champion Inna Deriglazova in the semifinal round, 15-14, while Volpi beat USA’s Lee Kiefer, 15-13. Notably, Kiefer overcame Italian two-time world champion Arianna Errigo in the quarterfinals, 15-11, and Italy’s Olympic and world champion Elisa Di Francisca was eliminated in the round of 16 by Russia’s Adelina Zagidullina, 15-11.

For the women’s team foil gold medal, Russia overcame Italy by a single touch, 42-41. Italy beat Hungary in the semifinal, 45-28, and Russia defeated Japan, 40-21. The bronze medal went to Japan over Hungary, 45-32.

Final individual rankings at the Saint Maur Women’s Foil World Cup included Alice Volpi (ITA, gold), Martina Batini (ITA, silver), Inna Deriglazova (RUS, bronze), Lee Kiefer (USA, bronze), Arianna Errigo (ITA), Ysaora Thibus (FRA), Adelina Zagidullina (RUS) and Anita Blaze (FRA).

Ranking for women’s team foil included Russia (gold), Italy (silver), Japan (bronze), Hungary, France, USA, China and Poland.

Complete and official results for the event may be found here on the FIE web site. For more exciting world fencing news and features on the Road to Tokyo, check out the FIE video series on our YouTube channel.

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