Cuba Wins Men’s Team Epee, USA Wins Women’s Team Sabre at 2019 Toronto Pan American Fencing Championships

TORONTO, Canada, July 2, 2019—Cuba scored victory in men’s team epee on the closing evening of the 2019 Toronto Pan American Fencing Championships, and USA took gold in women’s team sabre. This was the last of six days of individual and team competition, with 21 teams from throughout the Americas participating in the day’s events.

In men’s team epee, Cuba won the gold medal over USA in the final match, 45-38. USA beat Canada in the semifinal, 45-39, and Cuba overcame Argentina, 45-39. The bronze medal went to Argentina against Canada, 42-37.

USA won the women’s team sabre event over Canada, scoring a 45-34 victory. Canada beat Venezuela in the semifinal, 45-38, while USA beat Mexico, 45-42. Mexico won the bronze medal against Venezuela, 45-36.

Final ranking for men’s team epee at the 2019 Pan American Fencing Championships included Cuba (gold), USA (silver), Argentina (bronze), Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil and Colombia.

For women’s team sabre, final ranking included USA (gold), Canada (silver), Mexico (bronze), Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Dominican Republic.

Final results may be found on the FIE Web site here for men and here for women.

photo credits: Kristen Henneman

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