Russia’s Reshetnikov & France’s Vitalis Win Gold at European Fencing Championships

DUSSELDORF, Germany, June 19, 2019—Russia’s world champion Veniamin Reshetnikov took the men’s individual sabre gold medal at the 2019 Dusseldorf European Fencing Championships, and France’s Coraline Vitalis won the gold in individual women’s epee. This was the third of six days of individual and team competition, with 149 fencers participating in the day’s events.

In the men’s individual sabre final, Reshetnikov fenced his teammate, Kamil Ibragimov, winning the gold with a 15-7 score. Ibragimov defeated Georgia’s Sandro Bazadze in the semifinal, 15-11, and Reshetnikov beat Germany’s Max Hartung, 15-10. Notably, Hungarian two-time Olympic gold medallist Aron Szilagyi was narrowly beaten in the round of 16 by teammate and world champion Andras Szatmari, 15-14, who then lost to Bazadze in the quarterfinals, 15-10.

The women’s individual epee final match featured Vitalis fencing her teammate, Marie-Florence Candassamy, taking gold with a 15-11 score. Candassamy beat Poland’s Ewa Trzebinska by a touch in the semifinal, 12-11, while Vitalis defeated Germany’s Alexandra Ndolo, 15-12. In earlier rounds, Italian world champion Rossella Fiamingo lost in the table of 16 to Romania’s Maria Udrea, 15-11; Italian world champion Mara Navarria lost in the same round to her teammate, Alberta Santuccio, 15-10; and Estonian world champion Julia Beljajeva was eliminated in the table of 32 by Hungarian Dorina Budai, 15-12.

Final ranking for men’s individual sabre at the European Fencing Championships included Veniamin Reshetnikov (RUS, gold), Kamil Ibragimov (RUS, silver), Max Hartung (GER, bronze), Sandro Bazadze (GEO, bronze), Benedikt Wagner (GER), Enrico Berre’ (ITA), Bolade Apithy (FRA) and Andras Szatmari (HUN).

In women’s individual epee, final rankings included Coraline Vitalis (FRA, gold), Marie-Florence Candassamy (FRA, silver), Alexandra Ndolo (GER, bronze), Ewa Trzebinska (POL, bronze), Yana Shemyakina (UKR), Olena Kryvytska (UKR), Alberta Santuccio (ITA) and Maria Udrea (ROU).

Complete and official FIE results may be found here.

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