China and Japan Win Team Epee and Foil Gold at Tokyo Asian Fencing Championships

TOKYO, Japan, June 18, 2019—Chinese men’s epee and Japanese women’s foil teams took gold medals at the 2019 Tokyo (Chiba) Asian Fencing Championships. This was the sixth and final day of individual and team competition, with 33 international teams from Asia and Oceania participating in the day’s events.

In men’s team epee, China took the gold against Korea in the final match, 45-41. Korea defeated Kazakhstan in the semifinal by a single touch, 44-43, while China was victorious over Japan, 45-41. For the bronze medal, Japan beat Kazakhstan, 45-23.

In women’s team foil, Japan faced Korea in the final, winning with a 45-29 score. Korea narrowly beat Hong Kong in the semifinal, 34-33, and Japan defeated China, 30-23. The bronze medal went to China over Hong Kong, 44-30.

Final rankings men’s team epee at the Asian Championships included China (gold), Korea (silver), Japan (bronze), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Australia.

For team women’s foil, final rankings included Japan (gold), Korea (silver), China (bronze), Hong Kong, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Philippines and Vietnam.

Complete and official FIE results may be found here for men and here for women.

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