April 6 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP)

The UN General Assembly declared 6 April as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP)– a decision that represented a historic step in recognizing the transformative power of sport and its great potential in advancing positive social change.

This day is commemorated globally each year by international, regional, national sport and development organizations to honour the role that sport plays in society, whether by encouraging healthier lifestyles, making sport more widely accessible or using it as a vehicle for development in areas made vulnerable by conflict, poverty and inequality.

The first IDSDP in 2014 was celebrated all over the world by a diversity of actors involved in using the benefits of sport to connect people to a wide range of development and reconciliation efforts:http://www.april6.org/en/2014-edition/past-events.html

In 2014 the FIE celebrated the day in Plovdiv during the Cadet and Juniors Fencing World Championships. Same this year the FIE is being part of the IDSDP from Tashkent for the Cadet and Juniors Fencing World Championships.

The FIE President Alisher Usmanov and all the fencers took part on the official campaign of Peace and Sport #whitecard. The “WHITE CARD” is a symbolic initiative to celebrate the IDSDP. To celebrate 6 April, Peace and Sport invited all to rally around the symbol of a white card as a sign of your commitment to peace efforts worldwide.

On Friday 20 March, Peace and Sport launched a mass online campaign #WhiteCard on Facebook and Twitter pages with the help of various stars, whose participation encouraged members of the peace through sport community to follow their lead and get involved.

Laura Flessel, the famous epee fencer is taking part of the ‪#‎whitecard Peace and Sport campaign April6. The FIE follows the online campaign on FIE facebook and twitter. 

On the Photo: Alisher Usmanov, FIE President 

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