Special Rules for the Mixed Team Competitions Tashkent 2015

Formula for Mixed Team Competition

The ranking of the teams is calculated by adding together the positions obtained by the six-team members in the individual events. Incase a member of the team did not participate in the individual competition of the weapon the team member is fencing in the Mixed Team Competition, the team member will be awarded the place equivalent of the total number of participants of that individual event +1. The competition is run by integral direct elimination. Match for the 3rd place will be fenced, but the qualification places for T5-8 and T9-16 will not be fenced.

Video Refereeing

Video refereeing will be used from T16. Each fencer has one possibility per match to challenge the referee’s decision. This possibility is retained if the decision of the referee is changed.

Selection Process in the Mixed Team Competition The number of participating teams is subject to the inscriptions of the National Federations. All national teams consist of 6 fencers (foil, epée and sabre, men and women). The final composition of the teams is to be announced until 19.00 the day preceding the team competition.

Order of Relays in the Mixed Team Competition

In the course of the Mixed Team Competition male and female relays of the same weapon will follow each other. The order of the matches will be decided by a sequence of two draws, which takes place the day preceding the team competition in the presence of the Heads of Delegations of the concerned National Federations. The first draw decides the gender (boys/girls) of the first match of the first relay. The gender is then alternated between each match. The second lottery will decide whether foil or epée will be the weapon of the first male and female relays. The weapon of the second men and women relays is fixed for sabre.

Injury in the Mixed Team Competition

In case of withdrawal caused by injury to one of the team members occurring after 19.00 on the day before the competition, there is no possibility for the team to call a substitute. The team can continue the competition but the result of the fight in the team match, in which the withdrawn fencer should have fenced, will be that the withdrawn fencer scored zero hits and his or her opponent the maximum number of hits possible. If the withdrawn fencer was supposed to fence the last relay of the team match and is not replaced by a substitute, the team must withdraw from the competition.

Coaches in the Mixed Team Competition For each team the Head of Delegations should select one coach. The coach is allowed to remain with his/her team within the team box. The name of the coach for each team must be announced to the Directoire Technique at the latest at 19.00 the day preceding the competition.

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