World Fencing Joins in Celebrating the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Torun, Poland, April 6, 2019—Carrying the white card of peace commemorating the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, the International Fencing Federation (FIE) journeyed to Torun, Poland, where the 2019 Junior and Cadet Fencing World Championships are taking place. The #WhiteCard symbolizes the support of athletes for peace through sport around the world. The colour white represents purity and peace, and is therefore used to portray positivity and constructiveness in sport.

Olympic sabre champion from Italy, Aldo Montano, who is also president of the FIE Athletes’ Commission, led the effort as he interacted with young fencers from developing countries.

The FIE sponsors programs, such as enabling elite athlete equipment donations to benefit underprivileged fencers in developing countries. These programs extend beyond enabling the development of the sport, building positive relationships and principles for competition and interaction among athletes, officials and coaches, and carrying an underlying message of peace, communication and positive energy to the fencing world and beyond.

Other members of the FIE Athletes’ Commission will be on-hand at the Junior and Cadet Fencing World Championships to meet as well as to participate in several scheduled programs, including Glaydys Sakoa (CIV), who will take part in the FIE Training Camp; Maria Luisa Doig (PER), joining the Training Camp and the Safe Sport initiative; and Benjamin Kleibrink (GER), who will be at the Training Camp and also lend his support to the Donate Your Fencing Gear! program. Aldo Montano will also be part of the FIE Training Camp.

#IDSDP2019 (official hashtag of the day), #WhiteCard and #Sport4BetterWorld

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