Announcement from the Korean Fencing Federation

Letter from the Korean Fencing Federation.

Korean Fencing Federation has the plan of coaching seminar in 2019 by the support from Korean government and we would like to invite a great and excellent Coach for this seminar as lecturer as below:

1.Expected date of coaching seminar:

Before the end of the year, 2019 (TBD for definite date)

2.Period of coaching seminar: maximum 5 days (Maximum 40hours, 8 hours per day)

3.Tuition fee per day: USD 250 – USD 650 / 8 hours per day

A-Class Instructor: 400USD – 650USD

B-Class Instructor: 300USD – 600USD

C-Class Instructor: 250USD – 500USD

Korean Fencing Federation pay differential rates tuition fee to instructor following government standard as follows;

  1. Career for athlete
  2. Award winning career(Olympic, World Fencing Championships, Grand Prix etc)
  3. Career for Coach(Olympic, World Fencing Championships, Grand Prix etc)
  4. ‘The best player you ever coached’ and ‘result of competition of him(or her)’
  5. Certificate license

    [Official approval by FIE or Continental federations (e.g. CEE, CPE, FCA or CAE)]:


A volume of recruitment for Instructor: 1 Instructor

Tutor for Events: Foil and Epee

CV: Include details as below

  1. Name:
  2. D.O.B:
  3. Current Job(and position):
  4. Nationality:

    5. Career
  1. Career for athlete:
  2. Award winning career:
  3. Career for Coach:
  4. ‘The best player you ever coached’ and ‘result of competition’
  1. Certificate license([FIE or Continental federation(e.g. CEE, CPE, FCA or CAE)]:
  2. Training plan:
  3. Curriculum(theory/performance):

Note: Please fill out all above things.

We will be charge of all expenses of him(or her). Therefore, we would like to ask you to recommend the appropriate expert.

We would like to receive the information of him(or her) by 10th, April.

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