What is the Athlete Charter?

The Athlete Charter is a document that will define the rights and responsibilities of elite athletes.

Topics that may be considered include career and marketing, governance and communication, safeguarding, integrity and clean sport, and sports competition. These topics are neither final nor exhaustive – the content of the Athlete Charter will be determined based on athlete feedback and will be adapted and updated to reflect their needs.

Who is it for?

It’s not just for Olympians. The Athlete Charter aims to support every elite athlete.

Why is it happening?

As part of the implementation of the IOC Athletes’ Commission (AC) strategy, to further strengthen support to athletes throughout their sporting and non-sporting career, and ensure they remain at the heart of the Olympic Movement.

The goal is to have a body of universal principles that are flexible enough to adapt to athletes’ needs across all sports and countries.

Who is leading the project?

It is coordinated by the IOC AC on behalf of athletes across the sports movement (including Olympic, Paralympic and non-Olympic sports). A Steering Committee of 20 athlete representatives from across the Olympic Movement (10 from International Federations, five from the Association of National Olympic Committees, one from the International Paralympic Committee, one from the World Olympians Association and three from the IOC AC) is responsible for leading and overseeing the delivery of the Athlete Charter.

When will it be ready?

The Athlete Charter is planned to be showcased at the Olympism in Action forum in Buenos Aires in October 2018.

How can I find out more?

Athletes can sign-up to complete the survey at https://www.athletecharter.com/jfe/form/SV_b3r97wnhLVb8ujj.

For more information about the Athlete Charter please visit https://www.olympic.org/athlete365/athletecharter/.

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