USA Wins Team Men’s Epee and Women’s Sabre at Pan American Zonal Fencing Championships

HAVANA, Cuba, June 18, 2018—USA scored a double victory on the first day of team fencing at the 2018 Pan American Zonal Fencing Championships in Havana, Cuba. Twenty-eight teams participated in the two events from throughout the Americas. In all, 12 individual and team competitions will take place, hosted over six days at Havana’s Coliseum of the Sports City.

In team men’s epee, USA took-on Venezuela in the final round, winning with a 45-36 score. Venezuela had defeated Argentina in the semi-final round, 42-30, while USA overcame Brazil, 45-35. Argentina took the bronze medal, beating Brazil 45-35.

In team women’s sabre, the final match was between Mexico and USA, with the USA winning by a five-point margin, 45-40. In the semi-finals, Mexico beat Canada, 45-42, while USA edged-out Venezuela with a narrow 45-43 win. The bronze medal went to Venezuela over Canada, 45-24.

The overall top-eight ranking for team men’s epee includes USA (gold), Venezuela (silver), Argentina (bronze), Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Canada and Colombia.

In team women’s sabre, the top-eight ranking includes USA (gold), Mexico (silver), Venezuela (bronze), Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Brazil.

Full results from the Pan American Zonal Fencing Championships may be found here for the men’s and here for the women’s events.

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