Obituary: Austin Edison Thomas (ARU)

The FIE is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Austin Edison Thomas, president of the Aruba Fencing Federation. His entire life was dedicated to fencing and trailblazed the sport in Aruba. Mr. Thomas worked tirelessly and with extraordinary perseverance to develop and promote fencing in Aruba and beyond.

Mr. Thomas was born on March 25, 1939, and participated in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games in individual foil and epee.

The world fencing community has lost a lifelong friend, wholeheartedly and faithfully devoted to its cause and mission. He was a true example of commitment and determination.

The FIE and global fencing family offers its most sincere condolences to Mr. Thomas’ friends and family, as well as to the Aruba Fencing Federation, and conveys its deepest sympathy during this difficult period.

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