Uganda Fencing Association Presents Optimistic Report

The Uganda Fencing Association (UFA) has just released its annual report for 2017, featuring a positive outlook for 2018 and beyond as one of the newer national federations part of the FIE. The UFA actively participated in last September’s World Fencing Day, and continued its development of regional fencing centers to bring fencing to diverse areas of the country. With the help of numerous federations—including the Italian Fencing Federation, USA Fencing, and British Fencing, for example—the UFA is gaining momentum to build fencing in Uganda and Africa overall. It also has received from the “For the Future of Fencing” organization as well as Ugandan government, among other entities.

The UFA is still working on developing its infrastructure, such as finding permanent office space, opening clubs and fencing centers, and finding talented instructors and sufficient resources to not only build, but sustain the sport. Whether equipment for events (such as pistes and scoring equipment), fencing gear for individuals, or funds, the UFA acknowledges and presents a full accounting of activity in its report. It also presents a complete plan for the future with responsibilities, goals, costs, deadlines, and expected results.

For the full report, please click here.

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