CEP Summary of the major events of the year

Mexico City, Mexico, Jan 24, 2018. We are proud to report a very busy year for the Pan American Fencing Confederation working on the continuation of the several lines of action of its Strategic Plan as follows:

1. Strategic Planning All lines of action are in ongoing execution under methodic performance management and adjustments.

2. Development of a technological platform for all operations support The CPE website launching at www.cpe-fie.org constitutes a landmark for the Information Technology’s strategic line of action moving into development of applications based on the state-of-the-art features of the Sitefinity Content Management platform the CPE now possess. 3. Knowledge Management and Collaborative Work Initiatives These initiatives have been enabled by the new IT Platform startup, moving planning into execution

4. Human Resources development Training courses delivered by the CPE have innovated its curriculum adding to technique and training planning, rules and refereeing, neurosciences applied to fencing and mind conditioning for high performance. Web Apps and contents will be added to the IT Platform

5. Support for all FIE regional and international competitions and initiatives

6. Promotion of Fencing in the Pan American Region with Initiatives like From School to Olympic Games

7. Inter-confederations relationships development

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