SportAccord Academy opens Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

SportAccord is launching the SportAccord Academy, the latest initiative of SportAccord in providing greater services to all Member Federations. The SportAccord Academy will bring specialised sports learning to the general public, in general and the invested stakeholders of the member international sports federations, in particular.

The SportAccord Academy has opened with the ‘Certified Sports Professional’ massive online open course (MOOC) that is aimed at increasing knowledge about the Sports World and providing sports enthusiasts around the world with an opportunity to gain professional understanding of the workings of sports organisations. The content for the course has been drafted by leading academic, Dave Arthur and while running for a duration of six weeks, it will allow participants to gain specialised sports education, free-ofcharge and at their own convenience.

Registrations for the course are now open and provide all of your immediate stakeholders, including the National Federations and Clubs the opportunity to gain greater insights into the Sports World. 

SportAccord Academy will be developing more educational content, specific to the respective needs of the Global Sporting Family with better trained, educated and skilled individuals. The team of SportAccord Academy will be available to assist with any queries  about the Certified Sports Professional MOOC and future courses.

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