Venezuela’s BenítezVen Foundation Hosts Fencing Exhibitions, Helps Young Athletes

About 50 Venezuelan children are learning about fencing at a new fencing exhibition hosted by the BenitezVen Foundation. This event is taking place in the Pinto Salinas Caracas sector, and is a vision of Alejandra Benitez, Venezuelan fencer and four-time Olympian.

"Children should know what fencing is, what their touches are, what their weapons are”, said Benitez. “We also have teaching material that allows children to have an approach to fencing and can live and feel it directly." BenítezVen Foundation's fencing exhibitions have been held in places such as Carora, Amazonas, Yaracuy, Carabobo and Higuerote. Multiple events are taking place and planned, and soon will take the be held in Barquisimeto, in the state of Lara.

"We are believing in the seedbed, and encouraging grassroots work”, said Benitez. ”We want fencing to grow, and it is a recreational and formative experience. We encourage the values of fencing. Despite being a combat sport, we always end up shaking hands with our opponents."

Multiple athletes in various sports are helping to facilitate the exhibition in addition to Benitez, especially those who have benefited from the BenitezVen Foundation and can share gratitude and experiences with enthusiastic young people.

The activity is supported by the Directorate of Crime Prevention of the Ministry of Popular Power of Interiors, Justice and Peace and the Movement for Peace and Life.

About BenitezVen Foundation

The BenitezVen Foundation was created in 2010 and since 2012 formally works in three axes: 1) reaching boys and girls in fencing clubs, with loans and equipment donations for sports practice; 2) supporting athletes, in different logistical aspects and 3) social work, such as the BenítenVez Foundation carrying-out multiple exhibitions, toy delivery and motivational talks. The organization has benefited athletes from soccer, athletics, basketball, sambo, swimming and organizations such as “Bandidos de Un Solo Brazo”.

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