Coaching Seminar - Korean Fencing Federation

Korean Fencing Federation has planned a coaching seminar in 2017 with the support from the government and they would like to invite a great and excellent Coach for this seminar as lecturer:

Expected date of the coaching seminar: from November to December 2017(TBD for definite date)

Period of coaching seminar: maximum 5 days (Maximum 40hours, 8 hours per day)

Tuition fee per day: 300,000 won (KRW) – 800,000 won (KRW) / 8 hours per day

A-Class Instructor: 500,000 won (KRW) – 800,000 won (KRW), 434USD – 695USD

B-Class Instructor: 400,000 won (KRW) – 700,000 won (KRW), 347USD – 608USD

C-Class Instructor: 300,000 won (KRW) – 600,000 won (KRW), 260USD – 521USD

Exchange rate 1USD = 1,150 won (KRW)

Korean Fencing Federation pay differential rates tuition fee to instructor following government standard as follows;

1) Career for athlete

2) Award winning career

3) Career for Coach

4) ‘The best player you ever coached’ and ‘result of competition of him(or her)’

5) Certificate license

[Official approval by FIE or Continental federations (e.g. CEE, CPE, FCA or CAE)]:


A volume of recruitment for Instructor: 1 Instructor (Instructor with teaching two events)

Tutor for Events: Foil and Saber

CV: include the details as below

Deadline for the applications is on the 20th of September.

Current Job(and position):
6)Career for athlete:
7)Award winning career:
8)Career for Coach:
9)‘The best player you ever coached’ and ‘result of competition’

Certificate license([FIE or Continental federation(e.g. CEE, CPE, FCA or CAE)]:

Training plan:

Please fill out all the above

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