Fencing Camp and Elite Competition in Wuxi, China

Fencers from China, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan, Iraq, and Hong Kong recently participated in the Absolute International Summer Fencing Camp in Wuxi, China for two weeks. The fencers had individual, group, and competition training with a variety of international coaches and athletes in three weapons. This camp was followed by the third-annual Absolute International Collegiate Fencing Elite Competition, featuring 158 fencers from 32 universities in the USA, China, Korea, and Japan. World-renowned schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and Brown all sent fencers to participate.

A number of well-known VIPs attended the event, including FIE Executive Committee member and USA Fencing President Donald Anthony, Chinese Fencing President Haibin Wang, Chinese Fencing Secretary General Aihua Xiao, Chinese Collegiate Fencing President Ronhai Zhao, Chinese Collegiate Fencing Secretary General Xinlin Li, Wuxi Sports Director Haoran Huang, Korean Olympic Committee member Jimi Jung, and Absolute Fencing Gear President Gary Lu.

Fencers in both events were able to experience Chinese culture in Wuxi and surrounding attractions and sights in Jiangsu Province, providing a memorable experience with new friends and competitors. Wuxi is also where the Senior Fencing World Championships will take place in July, 2018.

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