World Fencing Day, September 9, 2017

World Fencing Day, September 9, 2017, is approaching quickly, and the FIE would like to ensure all of its member federations and confederations around the globe are excited about the day and ready to participate fully in the event.

With “Solidarity” as the driving theme for this year’s celebration, it is important to understand this is a day to help as many people as possible learn about fencing, try it, meet players from their countries, and general provide as many “touchpoints” of the sport as possible to the public. This day is an opportunity to reach the masses and engage them in the passion, excitement, and enjoyment of fencing.

Fencing is unique because it blends a rich history with an exciting future. How we together present fencing to the world can make all the difference in World Fencing Day successfully reaching the most-possible people.

The FIE is encouraging all federations and confederations to read the new World Fencing Day branding guidelines thoroughly, and to find ways that their athlete ambassadors, fencers, coaches, and officials can effectively reach the public. It might be through demonstrations in public squares, bringing fencing to schools, having local clubs open their doors for a free day of fencing, or meeting with the media to give them a chance to find out about the sport and learn what it takes to cover it in the news. Whatever activities take place, World Fencing Day is about fun, learning, and reaching the world to build interest, excitement, and attention.

The FIE staff is here to support any efforts federations would like to present, and please use the branding guidelines so that the image of fencing is consistent throughout the world. Please join us, the athletes, the clubs, and schools, the coaches, and eager fencing fans everywhere in celebrating Solidarity on this important day.

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