FIE Athletes to Elect New Commission in Leipzig

At the upcoming 2017 Senior World Fencing Championships, taking place in Leipzig, Germany in July, participating athletes will have the opportunity to vote to elect new members of the FIE Athletes’ Commission. The FIE is encouraging all registered FIE athletes in Leipzig to take part in this important election, which gives fencers a prominent voice in the proceedings and oversight of International Fencing.

21 athletes from 21 federations are candidates to this election.

Voting begins on July 19, the first day of competition, and ends on the last day, July 26. Voting will be open each day from 09h00 until 17h00 at a specially designated kiosk in the World Championships venue (the kiosk will close at 12h00 on the last day).

Voting will take place electronically and in-person for each fencer at the voting kiosk, and voters are able to cast ballots for up to six athletes (non-weapon specific). Additionally, the FIE Executive Committee will nominate six more athletes when it meets in September, to make a total of 12 on the Commission. These six athletes will be selected from the list of 21 candidates. If possible, and if the submitted candidacies provide enough diversity, all three weapons, both genders, and four regions (Europe, Americas, Asia/Oceania, Africa) will be represented.

Athletes serve a four-year term. Federations will be informed of the results at the closing ceremony of the World Championships. The Athletes Commission will meet on 7 October 2017 in Lausanne, to elect its President and to prepare its working calendar.

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