The Republic of Ghana recently held its most successful fencing event in the Country’s history. Fencing in Africa is continuing to develop and grow, and the Ghana Fencing Inter Schools Competition, held a week ago, had a show-of-force with 38 fencers from seven schools in five regions. The event garnered significant media attention, with six TV stations, eight FM radio stations, and five newspapers covering the event for all the country to watch and experience.

The Ghana Education Service is planning to include fencing as an official extracurricular activity, and it will be included in the annual sports events of colleges and schools. The National Fencing Academy there will be fully operational as of August of this year, with training to create additional, credentialed fencing coaches.

As a result of these activities and programs, more fencing events and activities will be taking place in Ghana over the next year, and the country expects to see a significant growth in interest in the sport.

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