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The international fencing competition “Cyprus Talents Cup 2017” was successfully carried out on Saturday, the 17th of June, with a record of participation – 65 participants from a total of 14 countries.

The competition was organised by the Limassol Fencing Club, under the auspices of the Cyprus Sports Organisation (CSO) and the Cyprus Fencing Federation (CFF). The medals were presented by representatives of Cyprus Olympic Committee, Limassol Municipality, Cyprus Fencing Federation and Cyprus National Guard.

The competition was well-organized and of standards comparable to European competitions. Volunteers’ contribution has been paramount. Indeed, behind a successful event, there is always a team that has invested a lot of time in its execution.

There were six categories, boys and girls under 11, under 14 and under 17. Twenty four athletes of the Limassol Fending Club participated, while athletes from “Alexander the Great” and “Nicosia Gladiators” were also present.

Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania and Cyprus were the cup winners.

The Greek National Anthem was heard once thanks to the gold medal awarded in the under 11 category – Emmanouilidis Alexandros, while two silver – Theocharous Alexandros / Pavlidis Stavros, and two bronze medals – Constantinou Stefanos / Charalambous Artemios, were also won by Greek Cypriot athletes.

Under 11

EMMANOUILIDIS Alexandros CYP Limassol FC

RUSU Alexandra ROM Bucuresti FC

Under 14

ASHOT Badalyan RUS MKFA Dubai

MAZUR Eva UKR Khmelnytsky FC

Under 17


MAZUR Eva UKR Khmelnytsky FC

Congratulations to all athletes for their laudable efforts, and we thank all those who contributed to the successful implementation of the competition: the club’s members and volunteers, participants and their parents, the Cyprus Fencing Federation, the gold sponsors OPAP Cyprus and SINTEZ energy and all the supporters.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude towards all coaches and participants from Cyprus and abroad who trusted us by taking part in the competition. We are looking forward to hosting them all – and, of course, new participants as well – at Cyprus Talent Cup 2018…

Photo credit: Limassol Fencing Club Facebook

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