High Performance Manager for Singapore Fencing

Job Description

Reporting to the FS High Performance Committee (HPE) and FS General Manager, the High Performance Manager (HPM) will work closely with the FS High Performance Executive, FS National Coaches, FS National Partner Coaches (NPCs), FS Sports Medicine and Science Subcommittee, Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) and any official or Senior Management that Fencing Singapore may assign; and he/she is responsible for the following,

1. Develop and implement a long term (4+ years) high performance fencing plan, endorsed by FS High Performance Committee (HPE), that articulates the fencing development pathway leading to selection for the Major Games (SEA, Asian, World and Olympic) and medal targets at SEA, Asian and World level competitions.

2. Develop and co-ordinate annual periodised planning (including competition schedules, coaching, strength & conditioning, and sports science and medicine support) and budgeting for spexScholar and campaign supported fencers.

3. Produce FS selection policies with appropriate appeals procedures, that are endorsed by the HPE,

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