Closing of the Pan-American Training Course for Epee Teachers, El Salvador 2017

San Salvador, El Salvador, May 29, 2017. Forty-two enthusiastic students from thirty member countries of the Pan-American region have successfully completed the Innovative Studies Program for Teacher's Training of the Epee Specialty. During these two weeks, from May 14 to 29, the assistants shared their knowledge and experiences while forming new collaborative networks to promote the development of fencing in our continental region with the facilitating guide of our expert speakers.

The Regional Development Strategy of the Pan American Fencing Confederation emphasized not only the teaching of the fundamental concepts of pedagogy and didactics of modern fencing, but also, in an innovative way, has included in its curriculum strategic papers on arbitration and FIE regulations as well as mental preparation and development of efficiency and effectiveness in combat, all for the better performance of teachers, and therefore, of the athletes of the region, according to our program of continuous improvement of processes, on this occasion, the development of human resources of our confederation.

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