What is it about Fencing? By Mr. Carl Borack

The FIE would like to congratulate Mr. Carl Borack, Olympian, filmmaker, and a former famous member of the FIE Publicity and Promotion Commission, for his recent successful documentary, "What is it About Fencing?", which won "Best Short Film Documentary" at the London Independent Film Awards. In a personal letter to Mr. Borack, International Olympic Committee President, and Olympic Gold Medallist and fencer Mr. Thomas Bach, wrote, "...I can only express my hope, that this film does inspire many more athletes and not only fencers. Sport can contribute great lessons for life and in this case your film is putting this together showcasing it through the sport of fencing. Therefore thank you very much again for your dedication to the promotion of sport in general and fencing in particular beyond the field of play."

Borack wrote, produced and directed the film, examining fencing and its life influence on its participants. The list of successful people that were former fencers who have made an impact on culture, business, and the world in general is very long.

For more information about the film, a trailer/teaser is available on YouTube, accessible here.

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