Barcelona Fencing Workshop

A ‘Fencing Marketing’ workshop, taking place this Friday in Barcelona, Spain, features several notable speakers presenting a variety of topics to help fencing organizations optimize their businesses.

The ‘Barcelona Fencing Workshop 2017: Fencing Marketing’ event takes place from 1600-2000 on January 20, in association with the 41st International Ciutat de Barcelona Women’s Epee World Cup (January 20-22). There will be multiple individual speakers as well as a moderated round table discussion, covering topics ranging from case studies of the Italian Fencing Federation and British Fencing, finding sponsors, fencing club strategy, marketing management for sports organizations, fencing marketing brainstorming, and a comparative discussion of fencing with Euroleague basketball.

The workshop takes place at INEFC Barcelona, Av. de l’Estadi, 11-22. More information can be found HERE.

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