FIE Announces World Fencing Day

MOSCOW, Russia—The International Fencing Federation (FIE) recently announced ‘World Fencing Day’ at its Executive Committee meeting and annual congress meeting, with the aim of promoting the values of fencing and various sports-related subjects. The FIE continues to strive to bring a broader global audience closer to fencing as participants and spectators.

On the second Saturday of each September (on the 9th this year), World Fencing Day will feature a specific theme promoting the value of fencing (e.g., youth involvement, respect, universality, etc.) or sport/societal subject (e.g. anti-doping, technology, etc.). The FIE will have worked with national federations and zonal confederations to plan the event, which will be able to choose how they will promote the day and theme in their respective regions. A variety of events and applications of the event will take place, including, projects, videos, social media coverage, demonstrations, etc.

A specific theme for 2017 will be announced in the coming months, at which time the FIE will provide tools and resources for preparing their events, coverage, and support of this special day, along with the appointment of regional fencing role-model ‘ambassadors’ to engage the public. There will be outreach to schools and community organizations, as part of the initiative, and the FIE will present coverage from a wide variety of people and sources in the form of videos, photos, and stories about fencing from around the world.

For more information about World Fencing Day or to participate or contribute, please contact Maria.Ntanou@fie.ch at the FIE main office in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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