Mihai Covaliu, elected President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee

Former great fencing champion Mihai Covaliu was elected on Tuesday President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR).

Mihai Covaliu won gold at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2004, is 39 years old and is considered one of the best fencers in Romanian history. He won bronze at the Beijing Olympic Games, in 2008, and also won the world and European titles in the sabre competition. In April 2013, he was elected President of the Romanian Fencing Federation, after Ana Pascu decided not to renew her candidacy. He remained the coach of the Romanian men’s sabre team, a team with which he won silver at the Budapest World Championships in 2013. Tiberiu Dolniceanu won the bronze medal. Mihai Covaliu succeded Alin Petrache at the helm of COSR. Petrache resigned shortly after the Rio Olympic Games 2016. In Brazil, Romania had the poorest results in recent history, winning only 5 medals (four after Gabriel Sincraian was suspended for doping) and finishing 47th. < See more >

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