FIE informs National Federations about temporary new sabre rule

LAUSANNE (September 27) – The International Fencing Federation has informed all National Federations of a new rule in sabre fencing that will be tested through the end of 2016.

In a move aimed at boosting the sport as a spectacle, the FIE voted at its 2015 Congress in Guangzhou, China, to bring the two sabre fencers closer together at the en-garde line by a distance of one metre.

“Preliminary tests have shown that the number of simultaneous attacks may be reduced if the fencers begin the bout with their back foot touching the en-garde line rather their front foot,” said Krisztian Kulcsar, the FIE Sport Director.

In a letter dated September 22 and sent to all 151 member federations, the FIE noted that the application of the rule will be closely monitored in order to assess its impact on the number of simultaneous attacks, which results in no point being scored by either competitor.

The temporary rule entered force at the first event of the season, the Junior World Cup in San Jose, and will be applied at a total of 13 events, culminating with the Cancun Grand Prix on December 16-18.

Pistes will carry additional markings to help referees set the distance between the fencers at any point on the strip.

The FIE Executive Committee will analyse the first results of tests during its meeting of November 26, 2016.

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